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Mandarin English XL -Volume 1 ebook
  (248 pages)
How to open your ebook - Volume 1
  • Lesson 1 has info on all the main countries, oceans, deserts, rivers, and weather patterns.
  • Lesson 2 has info on giving directions, going uptown, downtown, booking a train and taking a bus.
  • Lesson 3 has info on how to take the plane, make and confirm reservations, connecting flights, booking seats, and carry-on.
  • Lesson 4 has info on sightseeing, scenic spots, booking a hotel, making a reservation, taking a tour, and car-rentals.
  • Lesson 5 has info on how to pay the rent, housing, hardware, and cleaning, calling a plumber, electrician and gardener.
  • Lesson 6 has info on soda, coffees, alcoholic drinks, ordering dinner, fast food, wine, steaks, fish, desert, fine dining and paying the bill.

Mandarin English XL -Volume 2 ebook  (225 pages)
How to open your ebook - Volume 2
  • Lesson 7 has info on shopping, sales, checking out, clothing, alterations, and doing the laundry.
  • Lessons 8 and 9 has info movies, movie ratings, awards, and DVD rentals, different kinds of music, instruments, musical notes, and orchestra.
  • Lessons 10 and 11 has info on sports, Olympics, boxing, swimming, baseball, recreation, hobbies, playing cards, playing chess, fishing, skiing, and spas.
  • Lesson 12 has info on photography, cameras, developing films, position, focus and lighting.
  • Lesson 13 has info on hair styling, perms, Mascara, getting a hair cut, dye, and shaving.
  • Lesson 14 has info education, registration, school subjects, and exams.
  • Lesson 15 has info on banking, opening an account, interest, checks, credit cards, making a deposit, different types of money, money transfers, loans, borrowing money, credit checks and more.
  • Lesson 16 has info sending mail, airmail, registered mail, stamps, money orders, insurance for mail, postage, couriers,  and more.
Mandarin English XL -Volume 3 ebook  (235 pages)
How to open your ebook - Volume 3 
  • Lesson 17 has info on computers, downloading, uploading, sending email, function keys, format, cleaning, designing and installing program, virus, printers, fonts, debugging, webcams, service providers, attachments, cookies, e-commerce, interface, browser, meta tags and more.
  • Lesson 18 has info on the telephone, hookup, call waiting, surcharges, caller ID, unlisted numbers, long distance calls, standard times, international calls, voice mail, area codes, collect calls, automated answering systems, and cell phones. .
  • Lesson 19 has info on cars, exterior car parts, interior car parts, how to get your drivers license, road signs, accidents, engine parts, tune-ups, power steering parts, exhaust parts, suspension parts, electrical system, transmission and clutch parts, and much more.
  • Lesson 20 has 35 chapters in medicine,  Internal medicine,  internal organs, body parts, skeleton, muscular system,  cardiovascular system, circulatory system, atrial contraction, ventricular contraction, cerebral cortex, hypothalamus, sensory cortex, dendrites, cell membranes, immune system, DNA, heart valve disorder, drug allergies, diarrhea, food allergies, contact allergies, burn care, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, asthma, bronchitis, arthritis, seizures, heart attack, stroke, cancer, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, herbs, obstetrics, diseases, and much more.    

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